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Crow portrait with backstory

Have a story about the crow. During some frosty weather (About -20° C or -4° F) we fed some crows in our yard. Thus found this one dying from severe frost. It was running a bit, however could not really escape. I took it home and mother fed it. So it was living under the turned down fruits box for some time. The breath of the crow was quite hard. We decided it was sick for some reason. Googling gave us only idea we must take it to the wet in case we want  it alive.
Time passed and breathing became normal. Cold and frost really passed away and we decided the crow must be free now. It life was not in danger anymore.
We took it to the street and basically opened hands for it to fly. But it wasn't going to. After bringing it back home it started to bleed. Basically so much I thought it will not survive.
Appeared out it was shot before. Seems like the bullet came through. Unsure if it will survive or now. It's now 3 to 4 weeks while we have a new living creature at our home.
Here …

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